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days pass quickly.. or slowly...

It's been an interesting few days. We were lucky in Michigan to escape the awful storms, but.. ahh we did have some weather - lost power on Saturday and our basement flooded with water. The Witnesses came over to chat w/Leigh too, so it was a good think *throws kiss to Larry & Charlene*... hahah crimini jimini I think NEVER in a million years will they agree on bible interpretation but ^-^ it was a pleasant distraction from the watery mess in the basement. Of course I keep TOTALLY out of the conversations - .. it would just make my head throb...

ahh Leigh's minister is wanting to come to our house for dinner.. Oh, I like to cook, and err but my house is always a mess..?? >.<,,,,,,,,,,, well maybe I'll burn in hell for it LOL

^_____^ Heard a live report from Liv chan!!!!!!
I hope she is having the best time!.. ahhh Hyde's light was on today too ... hrmm interesting Hyde always seems to be in the site so early like 5 am so I don't know if he is a night owl or early bird.. He's worried about SARS and Lee Holm *sigh* yes that is a great concern, isn't it? Especially - when you have friends from China.. virtually or really..

^_^ I got a copy of Gimme a guitar from Celine today.. I've only heard it a few times - I quite like it, however I think I am liking Grace more.

ahh I have tomorrow & Friday off from work.. I realized *DOH!* like the goofybutt that I am.. Hey! my job stops on 6/30 and I've got like *an embarrassing amount* of vacation time.. I need to take some! I have however, been able to donate it to people at work who are off sick and short of time, that makes me really happy to be able to do that hahha it makes my 'idle' days seem productive.

OH OH OH ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did I lose everyone yet w/my boring chatter ?? zzzzzzz
Congrats congrats to GER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^-^ woohoo! you deserve a rest!!!

Hugs & Kisses to Sophie ~! EVERYONE loves you *chu* ufufu sniffle I wish I could join you in the DJ pandamonium.. but hopes you have a blast!
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