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Cry No More

I've always admired Coretta Scott King - as she typified poise and grace & I was sorry to hear about her passing. The King Center website says:
"A woman of wisdom, compassion and vision, Coretta Scott King has tried to make ours a better world and, in the process, has made history." I quite agree!
I was thinking of her yesterday, truth be told. I had just downloaded Mika Nakashima's Cry No More video, in which we see Mika seated on a bus in Memphis & I found it very touching.

Perhaps for the same reason I found Gackt's December Love song PV to be so poignant - because it expresses such compassion and sympathy for people that aren't part of the target audience -so the sentiment strikes me as genuine.

Speaking of Gackt Does he drink his coffee with Half& Half?"

I was asked if I had the original picture for this & *yay* I found it

& If there is any justice is the cosmos, there has got to be a picture of a drenched Hyde & a bird, hysterical with laughter. ^.~....

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