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What's Mozart's take on filesharing

Leigh & I went to a birthday party for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -
Unfortunately, it was held in a restaurant with crappy food and crappier atmosphere (*cough*smokers *cough*) So we ended up leaving shortly after arriving - My parents, Leigh's parents & my brother & sisters in law were there - so it was nice to get together again even if Leigh & I were party poopers
Normally the symphony performances we attend to hear my brother & sister in law perform in are free of smoke and chattering restaurant goers, so to be honest I didn't feel bad about leaving- the music was buried in the restaurant buzz. Leigh felt much better after we got home, so that's a good thing.

I went for a blood test today - >.< ahhh I felt rather tired and sluggish today, perhaps I should have waited til I felt more energetic.. Oh well- I just hope my hemoglobin is OK so my doctor doesn't threaten me with a transfusion or surgery.

Thanks to the lovely tmsj I was able to watch the Laruku Asialive special. *-* My hope is that Hyde can sing a cover of "When I'm 64" XD While I had read reports of what was said, there was something oddly inspiring about actually hearing them say things like "Nothing is going to change, we'll be doing the same thing for years" & perhaps they really have made a niche for themselves in the peace movement - as I found this listed under "Laruku" in yahooauction:

^-^ I find photoblogs fun - & the charming fadestory has just started one that is quite clever - The photoblog that I am really enjoying is Vegan Lunchbox I think this caring Mom could convert a lot of people into vegetarians - or at least entice them to trying a few things. Perhaps some of the Moms on my list would enjoy a look at the blog - just because you can see what love and fun she packs along with the lunch for her little Schmoo Perhaps it's the petname Schmoo I find so endearing -- (reminds me of a certain someone & her Shmoopie)

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