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a rather foggy drizzly day - I think it doesn't know yet if it wants to be spring or summer .. ahh what to wear to work, that's always the question.

Our Superintendent sent an email saying that 31 people took the "buy-out" plan and I think some 34 positions were eliminated. After talking about what a difficult time it was,..etc - she put in a reminder for a Charity event for an organization she belongs to - Patti Labelle concert was the fundraiser event, and it was $100/ticket. Goofybutt me, I was reallly tempted to email her back and say:
"Cool! Patti Labelle sounds great!.. err could you front me the $50 because my job is eliminated on 6/30" ahh but I declined - that's the funny thing, isn't it it is hard to sometimes say things that you think are funny and know how people will react. I hate it when I think I'll say things that are humorous, and they end up upsetting people.

Speaking of wondering how people will react, will Leigh go ballistic when he sees the Hyde "Hello" cover when it arrives? (seeing how he went off on the Harry Potter thing) -- I can never judge, perhaps it will barely get a :snort:

(^-^) yay I think my sinuses are starting to ease up,.. I can feel some oxygen! yay
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