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cool car accessories..

I want this hood ornament

Arggh- I wish my cramps would just go away ^^;;; I pretty much stayed in bed all day yesterday - it hasn't gotten better today (whine whine whine..) My Dad's birthday was yesterday - and I called him on the phone to wish him a Happy birthday..but still haven't delivered my present yet.

I feel really depressed and unmotivated - ahh - but hopefully this feeling will pass soon..

O.o !

Misato linked me on her site..

I was surprised to see Shinkirou was one of those mini cd's. I haven't decided whether or not to keep the Tetsu Tshirt.. ekekek so it's still wrapped in the package. It's a nice little CD - the remix of Wonder World was a pleasant surprise too- Funny thing, it costs almost as much for shipping as it did for the CD..
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