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Confessions of an obsessive spamaholic

**lj edit - fufufu RSG grumbling photo from diamondvirgin
Item #356 of fun things swiped from the enchanting peace2you

Justa few titles I could think of quickly off the top of my goofy head...
Create your own Movie List @ HotFreeLayouts!

I know a lot of you are fans of the nostalgic & cute Hello Kitty.. Word from the vegancooking comm is that Hello Kitty toasters are on sale at target

I laughed when I saw this on Hydeist bbs~ HYDEさん・・・女ですか?(笑)
ジャケ・・・びっくりしました - & perhaps it's just me (but I think a comment on youyou's bbs might be in agreement - that Hyde looks a bit like Olivia on the Season's call cover.

^-^ Swiped from the lovely vampire_kiki & Hytsu bbs. Yes being the compulsive spammer I am I even found my original : PopJam RSG Spam here

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