nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

METS = Snow

Early day at work today - a big meeting scheduled for some of the people I work with and without fail we always get snow whenever this type of training is scheduled. I'm glad I came in early as I was here before the consultants and people started to show up for the meeting.. I couldn't have handled this event before the Holiday break - it would have just been source of worry - I'm glad to say that now that I'm feeling better, it's hardly anything .. Hopefully this trend will continue and my once addled brain can function normally for a while ^.~

I received a reply to an email to my Japanese Professor at Madonna Univ. Sadly, the Japanese program is all but dead - however he said he would find a tutor for me ^_______^

How awful - such a tense situation this must be for her family
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