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this & that [May. 6th, 2003|10:43 pm]

Monday was the deadline at work for me to revoke my 'buy out' agreement.. which I did. I know it seems convoluted, my Supervisor knew that I had doubts about using my seniority rights to take someone's job if it came to it -- and he suggested I put in for the buyout to cover my butt.. and revoke it at the end if I still felt the same.

ahh the nice part was, everyone in Personnel was saying "happy to see you " (like they were happy I was not deciding to leave.. ) that was sweet

It's still a freaky thing at work though - not knowing for sure what's up - I just think I need to try and not let it get me down.. too much It's hard not to take it to heart AND I LOVE YOU SOPHIE.. *wipes tears* You really touched me, and ahh you made my weekend! *chu*

I went to Tutor Taka today and gyaa his mom gave me a Moonchild calendar! "gifuto!"
ahh I'm such a dork, I haven't unwrapped it yet , as I was afraid to get it all goobed up with cooking goo. ahh yes, as soon as I came home I was cooking - double olive pasta w/tomato sauce ^-^ it turned out well and was really quick.

Tanjoubi Omedetou Blufish!!! Wish I could celebrate with you..