nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Who has eaten my shoes?

King ate a pair of my rubber clogs that I wore a lot - Sunday, I stopped into a shoe store and found a very nice pair of gray felt clogs. "Let's see how long these last" said Leigh jokingly. Well go figure, Monday morning rolls around and King has already helped himself to a nibble of my new shoes. I thought I had put them away but they were in easy reach next to my computer - Doh!

I had totally forgotten - but today one of the consultant's had a training class and when I pulled the packet of materials that I had assembled weeks before I remembered that I had used Hyde's image as part of the Display Flyer. **dork** Yes, it was a training for educators to use the Internet for lesson plans

^0^ Big thanks you to Pieces forum & the lovely Matsuchan for these scans.

King says hello - several times he has jumped in my lap and put his head up towards the computer
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