nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Happy Eid

While doing some slightly tedius work chores - seems like a good time to exploit YSI

White Feathers

Anxious to hear Hydesan's single - Maybe they will have a preview of it here: (LOL I just realized that Mika's ending song is called
Cry No More - for some reason I thought it was No More Cry - ... which was the chorus
to some bouncy Jpopboyband song... rambles
**LJ Edit - thanks to kurarisa who says it's D-51 No More Cryyyyyyyyy

**motivates self to go back to work**

^0^ Happy Eid Greetings to my friend's who celebrate - & Special hugs out to Oneeyecat & Sedefend.. ~!

I found an impressive Japanese study site:
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