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**chu to Hytsu bbs**

I had my haircut yesterday, and as always - my stylist asked if I wanted anything special - or just the usual shape up and trim. I joked about getting my hair cut really short next time & having it died maroon (which I admit, I've always wanted maroon highlights in my hair) Kyaa I should have seen Tetsu's pic .. maroon spikes, it's me don't ya think? ^.~
**just ignore the ex- Larc en ciel..**

My computer has recently gotten pokey pokey pokey & trying to upload images to photobucket takes Forever... & my scanner has stopped working >.< *sobs* Maybe it's time to defrag..
& start my computer novena

The ever lovely Hazuki san sent me a Laruku calendar - oooh so nice & glossy. Too bad these calendars aren't really practical - but I suppose that's not their purpose.

I am hoping to attend Hyde's Hiroshima live on 6/27 - Of course, Hyde is just a good excuse to
make a trip to Japan. My fear, however, is that our first trip to Japan we were positively spoiled- as my Japanese instructor's wife was the perfect tour guide & everyone on the trip got along without a hitch. If anyone is up to being a tour guide for hire- give me a hollar (or if you know of a good place that offers tour guides)

**thanks to mitsuchan who showed this to me...
Real thing or cosplayer?
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