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spam on request? don't temp me

I find that Italian & Chinese restaurants have the same fate in the Detroit suburb where I'm at - there may be a lot of them but very few are any good. and of course there is Olivegarden, which is the ChiChi's of Italian food It was nice to go to Windsor's Italian section & eat at our favorite place, Long live garlic, olive oil & basil.

aokipunk was asking if I had the original Hyde photo that went with this Friend's banner photo manip I don't have that particular image, but I think this must be from the same shoot:

^0^ This looks fun, Laruku Rainbow cookies

& what's Western Jrock fandom if not prone to angst & drama? But while some of my friend's are stilling mulling over this

That's it I'm leaving! GxH drama .. . I think I'm still a bit more traumatized that my fear is realized - noobie fans will soon confuse Hyde & Miyavi! LOL gakuhaieev Apologies upfront to Miyavi fans XD
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