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flaming tofu

up early to go the doctor's appt. my feet aren't swollen.. so everything seems ok
I went to the office to see if I could organize some files / copy them to cd / during our Spring break. Perhaps I was just not in the mood - but I left fairly quickly.. err maybe because there were no lights on the 3rd floor! lol

I decided to go and have some lunch at a favorite Chinese restaurant Homestyle Tofu! but ouch! I burned the living daylights out of the roof of my mouth... *sobs* the tofu was tasty though..

Had the most delightful surprise - The Domo was sweet enough to send me some mp3's of her songs. waii! Such a range, such a voice.. Gacchan will be pleased ^_^

Good luck with the Furbinator blufish!
Good luck with your test Katie!
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