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[Apr. 23rd, 2003|08:06 pm]
[Current Music |butterfly sleeps]

^-^ Another mild lovely day~ ahh I was a bit of a lazy butt *didn't sleep in too late.. honest!* Spent a good part of the day watching Kohaku Utagassen & FNS festival

I was watching some of the Utagassen with Leigh last night and I asked him "what if someone who had NO idea as to Japanese culture at all...knew nothing of Japan .. and their first intro was to watch Utagassen" He said that they would think they were from a different planet.. haha I think he is right.

Errrrrrr why does Gackt have these bald burly Nazi looking guys standing around his stage platform as he sings? bodyguards? Rag Fair is a total fashion nightmare! haha and why is Zone wearing Scottish kilts with big ostrich feathers? ... hrmmm

asahi.co.jp/music/html/03_onair/data/200303.html#20030328 I am enjoying the FNS Music special much more - especially the Kinki kids making fun of Gackt with impersonations.. ahhhh goes into dorky dorky fan mode waiii! they played a Laruku commercial! kyaa !! yes for the best of Cd's..

I got my hair cut today.. oooooh it stills is growing .. but *sniff* I fear it will never ever be the thick head of hair it once was.. People always wanted to touch my hair.. always commented on how thick it was - acckk that all changed. >.< erff I guess it is shallow to dwell on that.

^____^ chatted with Priss.. always such a nice friendly waves from Priss.. and her new parka ...kyaa I want one! lol

errr tomorrow have to go to the Doctor. My feet have stopped swelling - so maybe things aren't so bad

[User Picture]From: agitatorswaltz
2003-04-23 09:03 pm (UTC)


Helayne-san :_: Rag Fair daisuki~
*cuddles them* They don't need fashionable outfit.. hey their outfits are cute XD
They can sing.. *scoots foot* Thats all they need! *nod*
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[User Picture]From: nepenthes59
2003-04-24 04:52 am (UTC)

Re: wah

ufufu w-inds was on it too.. would you like a copy? I can make one for you.. errr but there is some annoying hisss on the video (must have been bad reception..) let me know huggles you
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[User Picture]From: eightnoon
2003-04-24 04:50 am (UTC)
yey~ i'm glad to chat w/ you~! *hugs*
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