nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

drive by shopping

^0^ These pics bring sedefendendo to mind

Our Christmas plans are to meet at my Inlaws house as we usually do. Leigh's younger brother it seems is getting, or has gotten a divorce. Usually I send them money for Xmas, but just found out the other day they might be here on Xmas. >.O ! Yikes, that means I need to have presents for the 3 kids in case. I think I spent about 15 minutes in Target and spent about $90. Problem is that I've not been around the kids lately to see how big they are or what they like..
Just ran down the aisles grabbing what looked like a decent choice - I'm hoping I did OK Hello Kitty backpack, Hello Kitty art kit, Bratz RockStar doll, Cabbage Patch My Pony plushything, Magnetixs

Hopefully I'll get some New Year's cards addressed tomorrow (ahha yes, I'm always too late for Christmas)
and some more baking... tummy willing! (
Thanks to tmsj for this great screencap ufufu

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