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big foot

It was a very pleasant Easter dinner with the family yesterday. I made the requisite Greek Easter bread Oh with happy chicken eggs no less - Normally I never have eggs/butter in the house, but they are required for the bread. My boss has 'pet' chickens and I was able to get some from him.. It was a lovely day too- the weather was quite warm and pleasant.

>.< I noticed that my feet were painfully swollen for the past few days - a rather troubling indication of poor circulation. They were quite swollen yesterday, puffy and painful - I stopped taking this new medication the doctor gave me when I saw him last week-- my feet are not swollen today.. could that be it? I hope so - I will see him Thursday.

Hyde - clumsy? a mere poser? haha - actually this review of Moonchild is more positive then I expected to come across.. Gyaaa it's already on winmx?

Today was nice - I slept in (no work this week)... and I went to lunch at the Vietnamese (French influenced) restaurant - I quite liked it when I tried it the first time, but Leigh didn't care for it

^-^ a good opportunity to go by myself, eh? I brought along an old copy of Mangajin..and had forgotten how helpful that magazine is - I will have to make it a daily read again.

Ri-chan You are incredible! Gazes in admiration and throws hug after hug...

^-^ mwahaha Katie doesn't know it, but I sent subliminal messages to her when I sent her some Laruku tracks.. YAY! She tuned into 5 Roentgen tunes .. and DIDNT throw up! Progress! *Cute new layout.. nyaaaaaaaaaaa*
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