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shutting from the sky - insomniphobia..

Damn it Ken! Do I really have to wear this condom outfit during the bubblefest live?

One more day til 'Spring Break' Vacation ! ^-^! YAY Do I have plans? No! Of course not.. Do I Ever make plans during work holidays? No, of course not - I'm such diddly dutz that way. (Of course Leigh NEVER wants to take a vacation or break from routine - so I never plan for any extra time off. oh well)

I was really exhausted after work, and could hardly keep my eyes open - and was looking forward to a wee nap. . however, I come home to find Nathan (the neighbor kid down the way, He is about. 14?) had once again been LOCKED OUT of his house. It was chilly out, he just had some shorts and a Tshirt on, and he asked to warm up. This has happened before to the poor kid, and it pisses me off. I think his mother's boyfriend was home, but was refusing to let him in the house. He used to spend a lot more time over here - always mooching some food, and playing with the dogs- He was asking me if I heard lots of yelling (coming from his house)..

Anyway - I never did get my nap, but I did manage to cook dinner without falling asleep at the stove.. YAY!

I finally got to download s.o.a.p's Grace PV (Thanks to Michelle)--.-- what a riot
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