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Season's call Hyde new single 2/22 release



Is it just me, or do Hyde & Ken look like they are on a date? ufufu

I think that Blood is an anime program on Saturday? I was looking for the link I saw to it on Yahoo japan..but hahah this came up -

Lets all go for a snack -- Hyde's treat

My AsiaLive book came ^0^ I must confess that I am a bit shattered.. NO precious pictures of the psuedo Nazi / Bishop Uniforms that Hyde wore. I bet someone thought that could start a big stink if seen completely out of context. The Neo Nazi's are supposed to demonstrate tomorrow in Toledo - I wonder if there will be another riot..

Random - I've noticed all the shows like Make a wish (I think that's it, with Amy Grant) and Xtreme Makeover - all funded by a company interested in promoting its products on the show. It's great when a needy family gets a new home and Sears furniture, I just wonder if people ever pay attention to that. Often I see it in the news, it's a blatant endorsement for some special holiday deal or buy...that makes me nervous about how objective our news can be.
I'm sure someone has better scans out there already - it's a very nice booklet!

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