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Sweet dreams are made of..

My AsiaLive book hasn't come in the mail yet, but that still can't stop the spam... Luv to Eleonora/Mitsu & Pieces forum:

See, even Hyde san is smart enough to opt for temporary tattooes when it comes to HYDE related body art

Borrowed from YahooAuction

I hope my recent experience of vivid dreaming stops... as in Today!

Vivid Dreaming is a rather pleasant sounding side effect, isn't it? I am pretty sure it's just a code word for nightmare. While Vivid dreaming sounds exciting, I've only had dreams that have been nightmares. Yesterday's seems typical. I found myself in a cooking class & we were suppose to make soup. The students were to kill and prepare whatever was in the soup (turkey, chicken, etc).. I refused and was forced to chop of my own hand and put it in the soup...but not to worry as my hand would regenerate itself. & posting BumpofChicken spam is just an odd coincidence


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