nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

what's the sound of a tofurkey in the wild?

Spent a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family. My oldest brother's best friend has extended an invite to Leigh & I, My Mom & Dad, and Leigh's Mom & Dad. Such a generous & warm energy is their house -

I had been baking like a busy bee ~well not that much , but when I start baking after an 8 hour work day, it's a challenge to get time intensive things ready._.
I made Greek Easter (and New Year?) sweet bread
Rolls (made with Tofu & Mashed potatoes! )
Pumpkin Pie

While it seems that Leigh & I are the only ones eating the Tofurkey (YAY More for us to take home) people don't hesitate to joke about it. It would probably be a cause of disappointment if we had shown up without one.

~0~ Sends a invisible おめでとう ございます to Megumi - Finally she spills it to the media and talks and reveals that their child is a boy

I missed a phonecall from the wonderful blufish... >.< I'd call you but I don't know your #.

I've been struck with a great new Reality TV show pilot - Send over different prospects to work
as a Maid in Saudi, and it will have hints of Fear Factor when the applicant will attempt eat the mystery meal left by the in-laws. The winner learns love and gratitude over hate & resentment.. Yeah, by the way - no Trump or Martha here - the boss of the show is 5. ^0^

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