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snap out of it

Feeling a teeny bit blue/bitchy/melancholic hopefully it's just a nagging tummy ache I need one of those "Snap Out of It" Engelbright cartoons...

Another article on why we should dislike $ony & dig out our 8 track tapes ^^;;

A coworker is starting her maternity leave a bit early as they want to keep a careful eye on some late stage pregnancy things - like blood pressure, etc.. Please keep a kind thought for her & the baby in your prayers. She is such a dear - Here is a wedding pic she shared with me:

Here- hoping Hyde's cheerful mug will perk all our spirits... and speaking of spirited away -
How stupid is it of me to actually consider going the Hyde's Live show next year... Considering my lack of an actual life which I say with sincerity

OOOOOOOOOOhhhh AAAAaaaaaahhhh
Pretty~! and totally yoinked from the Regrettable Food Guy *his blog - *

I am making some Greek style Easter bread for Thanksgiving (always start a few days early to make sure at least a batch works~ lol) I'm watching some type of awards.. .Amer Music Awards maybe?
I thought - what a good opportunity to catch up on who is popular & see what I've been missing...

>.< oyy

However, Cindy Lauper & Annie Lennox = Awesome!

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