nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,


I am not quite sure why I was motivated to try & write another Obsession rhyme
first one above - and no, it's not gotten any better (my obsession or skill)

I'm not sure whether I should stop or continue -

We all were so gloomy as the worst could be true
Laruku fans worldwide were despondent and blue
We kept up our vigil casting off any pride
Brushing away cobwebs on Spirit Dreams Inside

Every week came the rumor along with the fits
The band was not talking and calling it quits
The sources of course were always the same
I read it somewhere but I’ve forgotten the name

The fans were still active despite the band's rest
We had drummers to fight for and files to request
The fanbase seemed smaller and a bit more polite
Lets all meet in Winmx since I’m stuck there all night

Then all of a sudden word came on the scene
That had us all a bit nervous for what could it mean?
It wasn’t a single or video the group had ahead
4 Solo projects – our ultimate dread

Tetsu was first when his PVs came online
Tightrope was cool but why 69?
Hyde had gone Blonde and Yuki got slick
Everyone started to call Ken a ..dhick

Along came a website and totally free
Are there hundreds of Hyde fans or is it just me?
A Gackt and Hyde movie fans start to say
I laughed and I laughed how silly how gay

Then they started to tease us as Lark likes to do
You want to know baby so let them torture you
A website a countdown some news to amaze
Oh Kawabunga it is Shibuya 7 WHOLE DAYS

...... hrmmmm

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