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Happy Birthday wishes to Chiye~

I came upon this file that was hiding- 98 Xmas interview- Giggle city!

I have a picture of the interview show somewhere - of course I can't find it ... so I just picked random stuff instead ***EDIT*** Found pic

~ & pardon my rather odd & spazzy mood. I'm feeling something between unusually sarcastic and hyper (which actually just means I have made it through the day w/o getting sick...) Leigh & I were watching TV & Dateline came on. They were doing a story on the fellow who murdered John Lennon, and from what I could see - they had a handful of crappy photographs, 4 minutes of dialogue & tried to stretch it out to 20 or so minutes. So Lennon who shared his wonderful energy & art gets short shrift compared to Chapman- but besides his killing Lennon, I couldn't see that Chapman was all that remarkable or worth such TV Time. I debated about sending them some annoyed email at Dateline - then I thought - wait,..Think Positive - Think Peace :

... Yoko Ono + Peace + Rainbows
(I think Tetsu can play John Lennon if they do a movie!)

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