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shaky window of love © neochan

Trying to catch a passing glimpse of the Hyde-ster proved yet again fruitless.. but it's a lovely thing to indulge in such a frivolity, isn't it? Sometimes I worry that my interests tend to indulge towards the absolutely frivolous Hyde obsession and that I should be more serious about life- engage in more debate & protest. Then I recall my time in Animal Right or Anti Nuclear Protests & it seemed like I didn't have the right spirit for it.

I think that my total disinterest in popular blue collar culture here drove me to this Japanese obsession - I miss having a course to take. Sometimes I find myself feeling really out of place with peers since it is not uncommmon for people to start spewing out some anti-Asian this or anti-Arab that assuming we were like minded.. There is an FM talk radio show - geared for my peers (I'm assuming)
Warning-Prolonged exposure caused retardation in lab rats

~~~~~ Thank you Matsuchan

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