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Today is the annual "All day Staff meeting" woohoo!~:
where I work
The meeting always coincides with the start of school - as well, we are an educational facility.

The caterer forgot about breakfast LOL - Actually that's not a bad thing because it costs a frightening amount of money to cater things.. Working in Accounts Payable, we do not believe the amount of money we spend on feeding people - We spent over $375,000 in August alone on just one Catering company~ ^^;;; Holy moly - your tax dollars at work.

Well after the staff meeting at Noon - there is a catered BBQ in the park. Ok, being the "hippie vegan that I am" (quote from Katie)- BBQ's are usually a turn-off. My brother has BBQ's often, but he's my brother & I love him .. and I want to hang out with him & my family.. but for coworkers.. I say no thank you.
LOL then I learn that our choice was If you decide not to attend the BBQ , you have to work.

Yay! Priss likes Girly Haido!! I sent her 93 Laruku video & she always says "I don't like long hair on guys" ..but ekekek she finds girly hyde quite adorable.. It can't be helped.

Oh the event that the Detroit Historical Museum hosted for my Uncle's book & exhibit on Detroit's old neighborhoods was great
Detroit Connections

We were so pleased at the great turnout.. and being the emotional Irishman that he is .. My Uncle almost broke down in tears during his presentation.. Ahh reminded me of our family reunion. You haven't seen tears til you've been to a reuinion of 125 emotional Irish.. ekekek

Well I guess I better go back to work
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