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Is it Spring?

Ah yes, you know it's Spring in Michigan when you have ice storms.. O.o!

I told Leigh to call the office to say I'd be late coming today.. Well, does tomorrow qualify for being late? I never got out of bed - except to take more pain meds .. I don't want to go to work tomorrow.. >.<.. I hope I can put on my appropriate 'happy face'. =p

Thanks blufish
for giving me a happy face --- move over and save me a seat on the bus! ^.~ :squeeze: Momochan really liked your lovely GakuxHy gif... Hyperhyper bbs momochan message #2051 You can get the larger view of that illustration by going to the gallery - (fan art - page 2) then click on the GakuHai1 illus.. then double click to see the bigger pic.

^_^ Big pat on the back to Ger for writing out your Staying power essay-
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