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~~~ Okaeri!

Handstands & Backflips all around to the loverly ilenebook, as her 2 sons have come home from Iraq. I'm still the vegan tofu eating pacifist that I always was - but I'm so grateful for the positive impact they made as representatives of the U.S. .. How else can we improve a struggling international relationship, without putting the best of our personality forward in an honest and sincere effort? ahhhhhhh *thunk* falls off soap box (OK actually I'm sure they could have figured out some cool things to do instead of go to war...but with Bush's popularity falling maybe his strategy will change)

Thanks Matsuchan/Pieces bbs/Eleonora **Chu**

I know there's always wars on in fandoms over filesharing - but after reading this, I'm rather tempted to start encouraging pirating

I'm so excited it's Friday tomorrow ! YAY
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