nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

money doesn't buy happiness, but it gets you the kind of misery you can live with

The ever entrepid Lisa has suggested dreaming big - and making it pay by buying up Mega Million lotto tickets! I'll have to tell my neighbor to get me some tickets - she's a lotto hound.. plays Canadian lotto too.

Note to self *time for vacation*

Hopefully I will get a full night of sleep soon X_x I was going to wax and wane about nothing of great importance, but I'm too tired. zzzzzzz

Thanks to Risa who checked - put in the Countdown CD & the time display starts at 13:00 . .. goes to bed again.......... zzzzzzzzz

Of course, you can't reach the rainbow if you're gloomy!*^_^* ©Eleonora
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