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finding your bliss (in a fortune cookie)

I picked up a Veggie Spring roll at lunch - & the fortune cookie told me
Make your life a mission not an intermission
hrmmm sometimes I wonder if tickets will be required to get into would be my luck
to be standing in line and not being able to remember where I put my ticket stub..

This made my day. Eleanor mentioned a small report she found on Hyde's Nov 3 radio appearance Ark

The DJ was telling Hyde that a listener claims to have dreamed about Hyde ~ dreamed that Hyde was eating fish.
Hyde mentioned that he likes various kinds of sushi made of white fish
The DJ tells the listener that she should dream about white fish - so maybe she can meet Hyde in her dream.
Hyde adds his request "Next dream, I want to be having sex"

I wonder if the Dream machine works? Yume no naka de
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