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Gibu Appu? Ganbatte
Considering the questionable qualifications of some folk that the Presidents has hand-picked for top spots ... makes me a bit nervous on who he is gonna put in charge of the looming
Birdflu pandemic

ackk to eat or not to eat - IF I don't eat I am hungry, but if I do eat then I know I will be up in the middle of the night in knuckle biting pain. Wait, this isn't all bad. What to do when you can't sleep at 2AM ^-^ Cuddle up with Sally Ann & Play whatever is in the VCR. All without sound because Leigh is sleeping - but I found this oddly theraputic.. I just want to know what kind of drugs Ki-Oon staff keeps backstage

My prayers & warmest hugs out to Michelle - Heavenly kisses to your Grandma..

Hubby has just come home with take out I'm too afraid to eat still - and Leigh was dear enough to make me drink a cup of hot water/honey/vinegar
He had heard about it from friend's & that recipe was on the back of my Japanese vinegar bottle.
Maybe it will work.. *hopeful* >.> Nibbles on guacamole and looks about nervously
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