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(Anis-Vocalist of Monoral last Halloween Live)

I was happy to see the weekend come - as I it's been a painful/stressful/spazzy week.
The weather was really lovely today - cool & sunny. My neighbor called to invite me on another dog transport to Windsor, (& I so love doing those!) but I had a hair appointment today. Good news - at least for one day I've got pretty hair XD.

I am so anxious to see pictures of the Halloween Live event - as ELeonora at Ark bbs reported- During one of the days of the Halloween of the Living Dead , the members will all be dressed as women.
People are all reporting that Hyde's costume was gorgeous, but I've not read what it was. I keep peeking at Hydeist chat, but what little Japanese I can grasp - I don't see any talk of that. The pictures on Monoral's blog - quite the riot

One of the people I work for also does some Psych. counseling for people (as well as being a Ukranian Orthodox priest) - He said he got a phone call from the Dr. Phil show >.o! Apparently, a woman in our area was on his show & they wanted to see if my boss would provide some counseling. He said that he would do it, but he didn't want to go on the show. I found that really interesting/surprising.
He agreed with my feelings about the Phil-ster - I think he has some pretty good advice, but he can be an obnoxious jerk..
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