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Kitchen cleanup - trash & burn

this is actually cleaner then my kitchen
^-^ Yay! I did it, I actually spent about 6 hours cleaning and organizing, and I've survived to tell about it. I took everything out of the refrigerator, took apart all the shelves and cleaned everything.

Perhaps this does not seem like a big thing, but if you knew how long I had put this off ^^;;, and how lethargic I am about cleaning in general - you 'd know it was a big deal!

Today the kitchen.. Tomorrow the basement! (ok ok let's not get carried away)

>.< ... I went to Blockbuster to see if they had Spirited Away (The Japanese version with subtitles) - - Nobody in the store ever heard of it, and I had no idea what the Japanese title of the movie was 千と千尋の神隠し(Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) LOL somehow I don't think it would have helped me if I had known. .. they told me they got rid of their foreign film section.
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