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sleeping thru life

I'm starting to think I've spent most of my days half awake - sleepwalking thru my life. Do you ever feel like that? Maybe it's just stress of recent days - from petty troubles like mine to the important worries of innocent souls around the planet about to get their brains blown up, or houses destroyed.

Is it bad to want to retreat to a silly virtual world ? Oh wait - sometimes that virtual world is annoying *points to the 'play-full-dude' instant message" (kills IM again & again). Leigh's persuits are just so , godly, that my world of interest seems so silly in comparison -- .. -- but maybe silly is good.

I've really enjoyed Ger's Kanji of the day - sankyuu Ger! note to self *Practice writing kanji daily .. *

well I'm off to clean the fridge - a scary proposition - yet, if I do that, and clean up the kitchen pantry, maybe I'll feel a bit less of a sloth.

Come on guys, It's crap like this that starts rumors
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