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[Oct. 12th, 2005|10:14 pm]
[Current Mood |dorky]
[Current Music |Over_the_rainbow...cuz Lisa told me to XD]

... I feel like my fear of failing in general keeps me from doing many things - and thus, doing little.. *facepalm*.. I hope that inch by inch & one day at a time I can get some progress... but then Today is what we make it, isn't it? My dear friends like Lisa remind me that.. Is poked by the Lisa nice stick

Ahh but seriously I would love a Hyde kanji guide video. My Japanese friends were all quite impressed by Hyde's Mnemonics in the Heavenly Films clip ( OK OK So I think I showed it to 3 girlfriends ..but still! They were impressed)
While Japanese was just a hobby - I was much more earnest at it at one time.. same with everything in general.

>.o I keep forgetting to order stuff for Halloween - the Pez Thingies are too pricey - but I'm up to suggestions http://wwww.orientaltrading.com

(Gif is from Hyde/Ken appearance on PuffyAyumi show)
^0^ I was so so pleased to hear from my Le Ciel contact. I had lost touch with her for over 2 months, & she has been in hospital since July because of a traffic accident. Please keep a kind thought in your good wishes for Hazuki~


[User Picture]From: mitsuchan
2005-10-13 03:59 am (UTC)
Ahh, sumako-san was also impressed and amused by hyde's explanation of the"yuuutsu" kanji XD Ah, hyde's kanji corner, if only~ X3

(and I think I know what you mean about the fear of failing thus.. not doing much of anything 9_9 If you aim is too low you'll hit it every time... kind of thing... x_x Here's to trying harder to achieve more! banzaaaai! @D@/)
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[User Picture]From: shochu66
2005-10-13 05:46 am (UTC)
All the best for your friend Hazuki. And ganbatte ne, nepenthes-san - one by one and you can make it!!!
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[User Picture]From: aylengyr
2005-10-13 06:14 am (UTC)
the hyde and ken clip is cool. I loved watching that thing. I still remember it. sorry to hear about your friend, I hope theyre ok!
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[User Picture]From: tavestry
2005-10-13 09:23 am (UTC)
Oh my god! Is she all right? What happened to her? @_@ I'll send happy thoughts her way.
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[User Picture]From: violetcloud
2005-10-13 09:45 am (UTC)
*shot* ....GENKI!!

oh man, that was the best.
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[User Picture]From: violetcloud
2005-10-13 09:48 am (UTC)
uggh my heart thingy killed the rest of my message. stoopit html...
anyway, its good that you heard from your friend! im still waiting to hear from my friend judi >_< i dont know where she is... she may or may bot be in korea O_o....
man i said something else but forgot >____
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[User Picture]From: doap
2005-10-13 03:12 pm (UTC)
hahaha* that gif is awesome!!! i've dreamed to find it since i watched the show
THANK YOU x500 for sharing \^.^/

about Halloween, there are 100% Hydee earrings for sale here http://www.brin-dfolie.com/details/set--boucles-collier-chauves-souris_905.html i suppose Hyde could not resist a girl wearing that kind of horri... ergh... "beautiful" jewelry

ahm... no comment about your fear of failure, bet i'm even worse lol

C Céline**
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From: hydebelle
2005-10-15 05:32 pm (UTC)
Ever since hyde explained how to right uutsu to his fans, I never forgot how to write it. I think it's so cool that he gave us that lesson. hyde should really start writing a weekly kanji lesson: and that would make me do better on my kanji tests. LOL. What? It really would help me~! ^_~
I love the pa pa pa puffy gif~ very funny~!
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