nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

October is already breaking my heart

Such an odd thing happened today. I was ready to comment on a friend's LJ post where she mentioned causes of deafness. I was ready to post that my friend Roman was deafened by WWII bomb raids in Germany - ...but I was trying to resist lj temptation & closed the comment window. No sooner had I done that, Roman's wife sent me and email saying their son Andy had died on Monday - he was only 26. It's not any easier to express your sympathy in Amer Sign Language.. ^^;; We were lucky to know Andy. He was a charming and gawky giant of a kid (7 ft tall almost? A common trait of people with marfan syndrome). Have fun up there, kiddo! (I say kiddo because when Leigh & I met Andy, he was just a youngster)

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