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High Anxiety

Today started off with an early Staff meeting. My coworker added to the agenda questions about my job status. I still don't really know any more then I did before, I'm just a bit more anxious about it. I also need to take new testing >.< .. Poo! Tests, well they just make you nervous anyway. So it is conceivable that I could not pass the testing required (i.e. Payroll test, bookkeeping test I won't even touch that one). I brought home some "Front Page" tutorial stuff - as that is a test required in the website dept. Of course I think, oh I pass this test - bump someone out of the job - end up in a job I don't know and everyone is mad because their friend was bummped.. >.<.. Yes yes - we aren't supposed to think that way, it's look out for #1.. yadayadaya -.-

I think my Husband has a phobia of phones - is there a therapy for this? Leigh won't call me (hardly ever) from the office, he refuses to carry a pager or cellphone.. (e-mail?? paaaaleeeeeeeeeeeeezee) Today he came home from work & said he had to go out on an elevator repair (an hours drive)and would be back home later for dinner. Of course he didn't call me at work to say this, but I was not surprised. He came home sooner then I thought from this elevator site - and told me nobody was home, and oh yeah he was an hour late. I wanted to make some snarky comment about how he could have avoided this if he CALLED THEM FIRST.. but what's the point? grumblegrumble >.< Gomen, sorry for whining -

But on to more fun & entertaining things.. A cousin will be on Malcom in the Middle this weekend! Connor in Malcom ^-^ So if you see a young tyke in a 'flashback scene'.. that's my cuz!

ok.. helayne's gonna quit yapping .. tomorrow's a fresh start.. and hopefully I'll be less of a paininthebutt XD
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