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LifesizeHYDE for bijuarukei

^0^ I Received a lovely package from shochu66 ^-^ Sankyuu

I should probably try some Zen meditation again - As my sense of being foggy and scatter brained seems to be getting worse - The past few days I feel a tiny window of oxygen where I try to actually get something done.
While Leigh went to choir practice, I made Shepherds Pie with leftover lentil soup I had (lentil soup-thick + sundried tomatoes & shoyu & TVP with a layer of mashed potatoes on it.)

I couldn't name one BSB song - but I think some people on my FL are fans...

Leigh didn't recognize Ryuichi or Inoran .. *ha! & he calls himself a Luna sea fan XD!!!*

I have never heard this band (included on Danger Crue ads).. but they have nice make up XD

I was actually searching for something else - but why let animated Hyde go to waste?

Healing prayers out to demonesque who was hit by a car while riding her bike in Japan.. ^^;; Take care~!
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