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Lately, there seems to be such swill on TV - or never ending "Showdown with Saddam!" coverage -- however I found a worthwhile show to watch Becoming American The Chinese Experience
The show mentioned Vincent Chin, and as soon as they mentioned his name, it took me back to a sad time in Detroit. The auto industry was in decline, and an unemployed auto worker and his son went to a bar in Detroit and beat Vincent Chin to death because they thought he was Japanese. 汗 The documentary said that this incident brought together people from the Asian community and sparked a stronger political movement -- I recall seeing a few demonstrations on the news back then, but not a lot.. I wonder if I just forgot, or if the news didn't cover it very well.
It was a pretty ugly time - I remember people smashing up Toyotas and Hondas and all types of anti-Japanese slogans. I wasn't into Japanese yet, but I was studying Sign language at this time. I remember my ASL teacher had a sticker on his Japanese car that read "Real Americans buy what they want"

For anyone that is interested - Hyde&Gackt singing It's interesting to hear them sing together .. >.> I hope it's a casual rehearsal *wink* as I heard some clunkers ..

Big Congrats to Ger!!!YAY!!!!

Sends a hug to Domo~...

Katie - Hopefully you'll get my package soon, tomorrow maybe? Let me know if you have any trouble playing the cd-r's.
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