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**Photos thanks to bobbycalf & friends at Youyou board

I found this quite interesting... Careful where you put the wasabi Doh!Naked Lunch

Love to Vividboard... ^_^

Sometimes I wonder if we create celebrities so that we can scrutinize their every move, compare ourselves as superior and view them as no longer being feeling people like us. AAAaaaaahhhhhhhh THUD as I fall off my soapbox.. Anyhoo I was watching one of those entertainment shows yesterday & Bruce Willis said something that was really awesome. They were showing some older footage of Bruce showing up at an event with Demi Moore & her (now husband?) Ashton Kusher & Kids.. The interviewer was asking how they could all show up together.. wasn't it awkward?
Without hesitation, Bruce said "Man, life is too short... It's all about these kids man, it's all about lovin these kids Go Bruce!
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