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it only hurts when I swallow

Praying that your day was more productive then mine.. Unless, of course, useless anxiety has a purpose ....>.< Teeth grinding will do me in - as I lose crown #2 in as many weeks DOH!

*-* It was cool to meet up with furu & Michelle in slsk chat - Not that I know anything about how to do this or that w/files, or what bands are what that don't come thru my narrow Hydecentric filter..silly chatrooms filled with good friends always seem like a fun part of the day.

And since I find the search for spam oddly theraputic,... ^-^ I found these nice photos of the recent live in Shanghai. Sadly I don't read Chinese, so please let me know if there is someone I can thank for these. Some of the photos showed audience members, but I didn't include any.

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