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Do something nice - even if nobody is watching

I really dislike most uber-patriotic songs - in fact, it was during Desert Storm era - the 5 millionth time that I heard "My Baby is American made" ~ I vowed to never listen to Top 40 radio again
Nothing personal against the Oak Ridge Boys, they just played the song over & over & over & AHHHHHHHH!!!
~~~ I replaced Top 40 Radio with Ntl Public Radio ~~~ Then it was during 9/11/2001 era - the 5 millionth time I heard the word "terrorist" and "anthrax" I vowed to stop listening to NPR at work...

What to replace it with? I was just starting to get seriously interested in Japanese music & I hoped that passively hearing Japanese would help my language ability.. *hahahha-as if*

I found the message & images in this video extremely poignant, because this is a video done for Japanese audiences, living in Japan -

^-^ Thanks to lauraorganasolo for the 12Gatsu screencaps (In mangled order because I wasn't paying attn ^^;;)
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