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such a nice day

I had a really nice trip out to Chatam, Ontario with my neighbor. I accompanied her on a 'transport' of a sweetie pie of a male yellow lab. The dog was going to the Ntl Service dogs group in Ontario - On our way back towards Windsor, we dropped off another dog - lab/collie mix.. =^.^= ufufuf The fellow who met us in Chatam, such a nice guy! He's a fireman, and he must have some property out in Chatam (which tends to be farm country out that way) - and is boarding foster dogs. My neighbor was telling me about puppy mill poodles that she tried to clean up yesterday >.<.. such a sad sad story.

We thought it would be a real hassle going to Canada, perhaps everyone thought the same thing? It was no man's land out there.. hardly a soul.

ahh tomorrow is another Monday ~~.. ~~ work seems so strange now, considering everything is up in the air. This has been an incredibly stressful/fatiguing/physically painful week.. so yay! I will pat myself self on the back *pat pat pat* for making it so far w/my tea totalling pledge for Lent ..
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