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such a coincidence


(wonders if this photo will disappear or not..hmm ) Anyhoo -
Such a coincidence yesterday, I still can hardly believe it! I do not go into Hydeist chat very often because it is
1. Difficult for me to cut & paste Nihongo from my word proc to chat
2. Usually full
3. Generally muzukashii

However - I went in yesterday.. and as always, I start of by apologizing for my lousy Japanese. After someone asked where I was from - I said Michigan. O.o Then one of the chat occupants said "Helayne??" (I used the name Herein in Katakana)"Its me!!!....." She is an online friend who lives in Okinawa - and we've been email pals for quite a while.

Risa came over for our Japanese lesson - and ekekeke Instead of using my somewhat stilted textbook - I had her look at allnightnippon page. These types of page are pretty stupid and trivial - but fun. Ahh so now I know that Gackt feels distracted because he is horny.. well allrighty then!

Tonight we are going to a presentation in Detroit for my Uncle's books about Historic neighborhoods in Detroit. I am looking forward to this~

& Note to not stay up til 2:00am watching dvd's..
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