nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Trust Your Journey

*waves to sedefendendo & weezeroni back from a their adventure. Maybe I'll trust my journey if I can get one of those Global Positioning Systems XD

Lots of trips to the hospital around me - My next door neighbor, he was on his way to work on his motorcycle when a tire came off of a truck and hit him (he was going 70 MPH). Thank goodness he survived, and nothing major - Such a miracle.

My In-laws have a vacation cottage near Frankfort MI & while up there, my Father in law thought my Mother in law had a stroke. It is possible that her blood pressure just dropped too low - waiting to hear more tomorrow. ^^;;

Leigh & I went out with his coworker *who has chatted with hkoneko
for Linux tips..*
& girlfriend to Greektown and it was a lot of fun. I never go to the casino, but we went in for a moment to get parking validated.. >>,,<<< *cough * *weeze*... ackkk the smoke was deadly -

Last night I was showing Leigh the Music Station performance with Mika Nakashima (& Hyde/Furuton/Hiroki) & Leigh said he wanted a Mika Screensaver. XD

Speaking of - & thanks to misatojaganshi
for the caps.

Early day tomorrow - Leaving with the Marvelous Mim (my neighbor) to go on a dog transport at 7AM..

Sending out a special helping of hugs to hkoneko - My prayers to Danny & his family for a quick recovery

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