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what do you mean all my poses all look the same?

Such a sleepy day for me. I think a week filled with stress, cramps, sleeplessness caught up with me - (probably mostly due to cramps- and probably no more iron left in my body lol). The postal carrier left a note saying that my 'best of' Laruku cd's were 'attempted' to be left off.. Doink! I didn't hear anything - a doorbell, a knock.

I did lay half awake in best til 1:00pm (hrmm I never sleep that late) listening to NPR war coverage. >.< ! The whole thing has left me bereft of anything meaningful to say- or even do.

I once saw a sticker that said "If everyone had 10 cats, there wouldn't be time for nuclear war". =^..^= Perhaps there is some truth to that... maybe if Saddam & Dubya were given a lapful of puppies & kittens, we wouldn't be in this mess.! OK OK ..probably not true, but it is a funny picture isn't it?

Congrats to Ri on taking steps to secure her sanity! *chu*

Congrats to Katie on her great portfolio selections Please take a look!.. and if you visit before tomorrow at 8:00 pm, please let Katie know which ones are your favorites..

^__^ Still happy to have come across Domo again! It's nice to come across friends again in this virtual sea..
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