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I have this fear that one day I'll wake up to discover I've turned into a garden gnome, and nobody notices. >.< I don't mean that I feel nobody notices me, I just feel like a sloth & ambition & vigor seem beyond my grasp Is it physical or mental? blahhhhhh Maybe it's a combination ...
end of whiney mopey angsty skjfkd;akj

I did enlist a coworker to help me clean up my area in a major way = she still must be reeling in disbelief. Leigh really liked the enchilada dinner I made yesterday - Yay - small miracle! (not that Leigh liked it, but that I actually got off my duff and made something)... ahhh well recent comments about Hyde's lack of posture & long hair - had me dig these up on my lunch hour..just to clutter up the web w/more Spam.... kthnksbye

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