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~ Twinkle Twinkle Golden Star (quote of the day provided by weezeron's post on It takes
a the Village People Dammit "Caught in the excitement of celebrating I Hate My Job Day..."

As I tried to will myself out of bed (after a night half delerious with menstrual cramps...but hey it's a plus because bad cramps are still way better then the IBS attack.. so I'm really pretty grateful.. However King came to my rescue with his shock & paw alarm technique of jumping in bed with me then taking big angry pointy devil teeth bites at me XD - but it gets my lazy butt out of bed. Go King

Thank goodness it's a slow day and most everyone is off - because I've been completely useless and nonfunctional all day. I'm only here because I'm a martyr because one coworker is taking her hubby for treatment & they just get way too bent out of shape regarding staff sitting around answering the phone...blahblahblah.

I did however run an error at lunch to pay Leigh's tuition.. ahh yay I did one thing productive..

yet another quizzy yoinked from momof3teens ^-^

Your Musical Tastes Match: Nicole Kidman

See her whole playlist here (iTunes required)

I always thought the positive part of being a Western fan of a Japanese band, was that it was a way to meet a lot of fellow fans around the globe. That should be a good thing - even though most people are half my age. Raul & I have been chatting since he was 15 - always interested, intelligent, polite & all enthusiasm. We don't chat as often as we once did, but there is always some great opportunity - like
a movie with Isabella Rosellini = and the work I believe the closest to his heart - his work with the United National Assoc-Dom Rep & President Fernendez.

Imagine my surprise when Raul IM me yesterday to say "OMG I just met Vin Diesel!" I say that's pretty neat-o

Thanks to
4am_secret for the Peace banner~ ^-^

& thanks to hkoneko for recent chats - We should probably come up with a few light of recent rants about alarmingly clueless Western fans who keep leaving the equivalent of obnoxious graffiti on band's official web sites and billboards... arghhh

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