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I'm 100% Half Irish

My Dad once made a button for me that said that "I'm 100% / half Irish " ironically - he drew it on a paper & pasted it over the big button I had that said "It's Exciting to be Greek" ....

Every Lent I make an effort to give up drinking any alcohol.. >.< I think I picked a bad time to do this.. I'm having 2nd thoughts now. My boss called me into his office today I shouldn't be so surprised, but my job is getting axed.. Go figure, I've been at this place since 1978 and I have the LOWEST Seniority in the dept ( tells you we all have been there forever).
He says I won't be jobless, and I believe that to be the case -- but What job? ack.. I'm NOT going to take a test to be a bookkeepper, because I have barely enough math brain cells in my wrong brained head to do the piddly Accts payable math functions.. (such a mystery, how does someone who hates math end up working in finance? Well for the most part my job is really just data entry, and dealing w/people.. etc ..but bookkeepping akk that's too much finance for me! lol)

I know I'm being silly, but I've been on the edge of crying all day - still am. I just feel so ,... ill at ease.

I wonder if I'll even tell Leigh today== I came home and he wasn't feeling well, ... so he's not in a good mood. Not like I could really unburden my soul to Leigh anyway, he's not big on communication period, especially when it involves personal feelings..

Sorry- I'm being a big fatwhiny baby... *smacks self*.. Snapping out of it...(takes suggestion from Blufish..and puts in I'm so happy acoustic live...)

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