nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

sax & violins

Well I may not see the live in person, but *cheers* more spam to annoy you all with in the future -
Document photographs go on sale in Nov, according to Le Ciel

Big kisses to Eleonora for the heads up on this live report - Secret Live House for Le ciel members.
Hyde played Saxaphone during Ophelia.!!! Of course I shouldn't get overly excited, as I've never heard Hyde san play the sax before. I'd hope that if Hyde san was awful, the band would tell him so but considering the Punk en Ciel tracks

It seems that Ken was in a wheelchair & stood up triumphantly as footage of Heidi & Clara played in the background? ahha dorks

Shamelessly stolen from weezeroni Her advice to her students seems like good advice for all us
sit near and hang with kids who helped them be their best "selves."

Better yet, maybe I can do something to help someone else be their best self today too..
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