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Dispel misconceptions

I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw this freep photo & text Maybe the editor was on vacation, but it killed me

"Muslims reach out to the community"
Went home sick yesterday - as IBS attacks have been giving me a kick in the butt lately - *whimper*
but despite feeling like my stomach is the goodyear blimp - hugging up with King & Sally is always theraputic..If only Mr King would stop biting me like crazy XD Dr. appt tomorrow morning, hopefully my blood tests don't show me being too anemic.

I came into work and was typing away & I answer the phone.. "Hello this is ..."

So I pull up my spreadsheet of teachers who I had been calling about a conference cancellation.
AHHA! ZOMG ZOMG It then dawned on me that I was talking to sedefendendo!! I think that
sedefend could easily sell her real life adventure to Saturday Night Live - She was about to get ready for a wild adventure with weezeroni Make sure you guys drive safe & not too fast

Random Spam - at least this won't aggravate my IBS... >.<

Sending my good wishes & Hugs to
avelynger & peace2you
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